Plasma Donation at Caulfield

Made a plasma donation at Lifeblood Caufield today.

If you’re medically (mentally and physically) able to I highly encourage you to donate blood. It only takes a short period of time, and you get free snacks afterwards. Find out more at Lifeblood | Be a life-saver today | Donate blood and more.

In big news, Lifeblood is now accepting donations from people who lived in the UK during the mad cow. If this is you, and you’ve previously been told you can’t donate, please consider donating again!

People who lived in the United Kingdom for over 6 months between 1980 and 1996 can now give blood in Australia. Yep, blood donors from the UK are A-OK!

UK blood donation ‘mad cow ’ rule has changed — for good | Lifeblood

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