Antenna Install (Part 2)

Installed a second antenna on my roof, this one for air-band radio reception.

After installing the ADSB antenna on my roof a while ago, I ordered an air-band aerial so I could hopefully listen into the planes flying overhead, as well as tracking their flying. Ultimately I’m hoping to pick up Moorabbin’s tower and ground frequencies, as these are not currently in

Firstly I was curious as to how the cable for the TV antenna runs from the roof into the ceiling:

Installed the second antenna onto the roof of the pillbox, using a stamit mount:

Watched some planes fly overhead:

Looked around a little bit:

Watched the sun set:

Finally, got off the roof and inspected the existing ADSB cable in the “attic”:

I’ll leave cabling the air-band antenna up for another day, as I need to do something more robust than a hole through the wall with a tiny bit of silicon keeping the weather out.

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