First Day at Microsoft

Today I started as a Senior Consultant on the Modern Work team at Microsoft.

I’ll be based in Melbourne, working with a team spread out across Australia and New Zealand. As I hate describing what I do for a living I’ll steal borrow from my new employer:

Come join the Modern Work team and be at the forefront of Microsoft’s cloud-powered growth machine, focused on helping people and organizations worldwide thrive in this new era. We invite you to explore the opportunity to be a part of our team that embodies a people-centric culture that supports diversity, inclusion, and professional growth.

Modern Work | Microsoft Careers

Of course it wasn’t an easy start. Due to the worldwide chip shortage my laptop hasn’t arrived yet, so I have to use my own hardware. This is a good introduction into the Modern Work way of doing things – enabling employee productivity in challenging scenarios, no matter where they are working from, or how they are accessing corporate data. My hardware did not go easily though:

Once I figured out how to enable the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on my laptop without it losing it’s mind, I was quickly on the network and up and running. Then I was in. My new email address ends in I am quite excited at this.

You can tell you’re new when the first suggested contact is the CEO of the multi-billion dollar company:

I initially included Satya’s email address in the above picture. Not sure if it’s public or not though, so forgive the awkward cropping.

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