Retro Collection Expands

Today I added to my collection of outdated hardware, with 3 items!

Originally went to pickup a Commodore 64, turns out the seller was cleaning out his office after an ultimatum from his partner. So I picked up the Commodore 64, a VZ300, and a Sony Walkman.

The VZ300 was my second computer. This example powers on and functions fine, but has a broken key. I have the key so will likely do some gluing (or 3d printing?) to fix it up.

The Commodore 64 was my third computer. This example works perfectly and has been cleaned inside and out.

The Sony Walkman is the exact make and model that I had in college. It never left my side. This example works perfectly and has been professionally cleaned and had belts replaced.

Was quite an expensive trip all up, but the extra items were too good to pass up!

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