January 2020

Links for the month including CTF, K8S, Networking, the usual Aviation, and even some Geography.

Capture the Flag

After my success at the Capture the Flag event at Cisco Live 2019, we’ve started training in advance for Cisco Live 2020. Starting by working through picoCTF, which is a free CTF created by security experts at Carnegie Mellon University.


Not likely to be a regular fixture in my linkdumps, but an interesting article on the update of the GPS coordinate system in Australia:


Two very different approaches for the same task, writing a Kubernetes operator.


On the back of the continuing dramas with Boeing’s 737-MAX aircraft grounding comes a children’s storybook about an airplane that couldn’t fly. Teaches children about airports and pushing through adversity, apparently.

I ordered a KerberosSDR after reading this article, hoping to start listening in to air traffic communications around Melbourne soon.

Although I could just save all the expense and hassle and use LiveATC.net to listen in to the Melbourne area, but what sort of a geek would I be if I did that?


Troubleshooting various NBN connections over the phone, the variety of Network Termination Devices (NTDs) in use in the different connection methods results in a bit of a headache.

Does Gigabit Ethernet have a half duplex option?


Coveted my neighbours switch panel during my trip to Ayers Rock last year. Was seriously considering getting one of these for the Miata, until I saw the price.

Blog Roll

Added the following blogs to my NewBlur subscription this month.


Featured Image: “Max, the Airplane that Couldn’t Fly” by JPV Publishing on Amazon.

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