Happy New Year 2020

What did I do for New Years Eve 2019? I resurrected this blog, that’s what.

For much of the time since the last post (remember that, when I was rushing headlong in to Microsoft’s arms and reengineering everything to work on Azure), this blog has been down. When it hasn’t been 404’ing or just plain not resolving, illallangi.com has been a simple page, like you write in first year HTML:

  <p>Just another vanity domain...</p>

While working on migrating from an old to a new server over at hetzner, to get everything upgraded to Fedora 31 for consistencies sake, I came across a backup of this site. Cue several hours of futzing with MariaDB, WordPress and PHPMyAdmin, interrupted only by some rude person setting off fireworks. One GitHub pull request later and we’re back baby!

Note that bit about one GitHub pull request. Over the Christmas break this year I’ve been a bit of a hermit (after smashing the car up), but I’ve finally got Kubernetes running, integrated in a devops- like way with some GitHub repositories. I hope to document the whole ball of wax here, but we’ve all heard that before.

And now it’s 0230, and I promised myself I’d start to get my sleep pattern approaching normal tonight…

Give the certificate issue some time, I’ve managed to hit LetsEncrypt‘s rate limiting during my futzing around.

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