Giving it another try

I’m trying to regularly blog again. Read on to discover why.

This web site has gone through a large number of changes since it was first registered on the 4th of April 2000 (15 years ago! I’m old!)

There have been several blogs hosted on this page, starting with a self hosted wordpress site, moving to a site hosted on, then to a github pages/jekyll/bootstrap monstrosity. Each one has had a similar story, and a quick failure.

As a geek, I’m very interested in the technical side of things – how and why they work the way they do. This blog has suffered as a result, as I’m normally more interested in getting the software set up, the themes configured the way I like them, the interaction with other web services working well. Then I get distracted by the next shiny technical thing – upgrading VMware in my home lab, upgrading the stereo in my car, coding the next great PowerShell module – and writing goes by the wayside. Then, two-three years later I’ll read up on the latest technical craze to sweep the blogosphere, and I’ll update my blog from scratch, usually losing the one or two posts I’ve made in the mean time.

Well not this time.

I’ve been very lucky over the last couple of years to have experienced some incredible sights, done some fantastic things. Problem is I find I can’t remember half of what I’ve done – sometimes I have trouble remembering which countries I’ve been to. I want to write this all down, get it out of my head and on to paper (ok, on to a computer screen).

So I’m just going to do it.

What makes this time different you ask? Well, nothing. But the last 2 years have been full of changes for me:

  • I finally moved to Melbourne from Canberra in December of 2013, even though I spend a lot of time in Canberra for work at the moment;
  • I learnt to ride a motorcycle, and sold my car a week after buying Kendra, my CBR500R;
  • I gave up caffeine quite a while ago (see, I can’t even remember when – that’s why I’m writing this stuff down), and while it was difficult for the first couple of weeks, I’m done with caffeine now;
  • Likewise, I finally stopped chewing my nails a while ago. Just stopped one day, then a week later I had to learn how to cut fingernails again;
  • I’ve actually stuck to my new years resolution this year, and started budgeting again.

So I’m going to try and add another good habit to that list – blogging. While I don’t have any idea as to how often I’ll end up posting, I’m hoping for at least twice a week. Topics will be anything and everything – I’m interested in aviation (I fly a lot), computers (for work and for leisure), motorcycling, and all things geeky. I’ll try to keep it interesting, but I’m not aiming for this blog to become hugely popular. This blog is written for me, by me, and if you happen to find it interesting, I hope you stick around.

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