YER84F Sold

Took my car to Sydney today for trade in on my new car. She did not go without a fight…

Took some photos with her in the garage before leaving – we’d been through a lot, this car and I:

Started driving up the road to Sydney, got less that 50km down the road and got my first ever flat tire:

I should definitely have replaced that tire a long time ago, but I was upgrading so why bother?

Called the car yard and asked if they needed a new tire put on or if the spare would be OK, and they were fine with it (in hindsight this is one of many signs this trade in was not quite right). Sweet, quick switch with the spare and back on the road again, I though!

Nope. The spare was completely flat.

Quick call to my brother, he came and picked me and the flat spare tire up, drove me to the nearest servo (~30km back towards Canberra), we pumped it up, then back to YER84F sitting on the side of the highway. Swapped the wheels and back on the road again – thanks Bro!

Many hours later I arrive in Sydney at the car yard. What was originally scheduled to be a 5pm swap over was now much closer to 9pm. As I went to park, I noticed two things:

  1. The salesperson was not there yet; and
  2. The odomoter was sitting at 222,220.

So a quick run around the block to put a few more kilometers on:

It was finally time to say goodbye to YER84F (formally 353IJW), after:

  • 3 years, 2 months and 19 days (2004-12-04 to now);
  • 45,128 kilometres (177,094 to 222,222);
  • Trips as far North as Cairns, as far South as Hobart, as far West as Adelaide, and as far East as you can go on mainland Australia;
  • Two registration numbers (QLD and ACT);
  • Four permanent addresses (Dacosta, Bauhinia, Tandamus and Sulman);
  • Not a single oil change; and
  • No new tires!

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